WCSA Achieves State and Federal Compliance for Drinking Water Quality, Reporting and Monitoring

Jun 8, 2015 | WCSA

ABINGDON, Va. – The Washington County Service Authority (WCSA) recently published its annual Drinking Water Quality Report (a.k.a. Consumer Confidence Report) for calendar year 2014, which revealed that drinking water provided by the authority meets or exceeds all state and federal requirements for quality, reporting and monitoring.

The report is designed to inform WCSA customers about the quality of their drinking water and WCSA’s efforts to protect its water supply. In addition, the report explains where WCSA’s water comes from, what it contains, and the specific sampling and treatment processes performed by the authority to prevent health risks.

The report is available on WCSA’s website,

“One of our goals is to provide exceptional water service at a reasonable cost,” says Robbie Cornett, general manager of WCSA. “This report verifies that WCSA continues to deliver a safe, top-quality product for Washington County businesses and residents.”

WCSA draws its water from several sources, including the Middle Fork of the Holston River; the South Fork of the Holston River; the Cole, Widener and Jones Springs at Mill Creek; and Reservation Spring in Taylors Valley. An additional ground water source is purchased from the town of Saltville for customers near Hayters Gap.

Water from the Middle and South Fork is treated at the Middle Fork Drinking Water Plant, while water from the Cole, Widener and Jones Springs are treated at the Mill Creek Drinking Water Plant. Reservation Spring does not require a treatment process, only the addition of chlorine and fluoride. These sources and facilities have a combined capacity to treat more than 15 million gallons of water per day. On average, WCSA performs 150 bacterial tests per month on its water treatment system.

More information about WCSA’s water distribution process and its treatment methods can be accessed via the water authority’s website,

More About WCSA

The WCSA serves approximately 21,000 water connections and approximately 2,300 wastewater connections in Washington County, Virginia, and surrounding areas. The water system consists of approximately 900 miles of water line, a 12-million-gallon-per-day surface water treatment plant, a 2.5-million-gallon-per-day membrane filtration plant, two springs, one well, 26 pump stations and 20 water storage tanks. The wastewater system consists of approximately 70 miles of wastewater collection lines, 26 lift stations and two wastewater treatment plants. For more information about WCSA, visit


For additional information, contact Robbie Cornett,
general manager, at 276-628-7151, ext. 224.



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