Public Relations and Media Experts

Corporate Image hit the ground running in 1993, when the internet was young, email was coming of age, and cell phone technology wasn’t a necessity. 

We’ve never looked back.

Over the past three decades, the communications universe has rapidly changed. The ways we send and receive information, stay up to date with news, and connect with customers and employees have evolved on a near-daily basis. Cases in point: Social media. Digital advertising. Influence engineering.

Still yet, the principles that deliver long-term communications success — perceptive listening, informed action and adaptive response — remain solid as bedrock.

Industry Partners

  • Manufacturing
  • Academia
  • Municipalities and Public Utilities
  • Health Care
  • Law and Legislative Interests
  • Banking and Finance
  • Economic Development
  • Sports Entertainment
  • Insurance
  • Non-profits
  • Retail

Today, our guiding philosophy is the same as when we were founded: What people think depends on what they hear, see or read.

Through PR and digital marketing, we craft and deliver messages for partners in diverse lines of business:  

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