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A dynamic public relations (PR) program is one that empowers an organization to foster relationships, educate peers, influence perspectives, and guide media messaging, contributing to greater levels of achievement and success.

The most effective and fruitful PR plans deploy expert guidance across multiple fields:

Strategic Communications

Where do you want your organization to be a year from now? What about in five years — or 10?

Answering these questions can be easy. But evaluating the steps it takes to reach your goals? That’s challenging.

How do you determine which audiences are critical to your success? How will you reach them with your message? When is it a good idea to engage media — and what do you say? What are your competitors doing, and how will they attempt to counter your influence? How will you measure success?

An intentional communications roadmap is essential for positive outcomes. We embrace the opportunity to help you survey the milestones that lead to your success — and then work to help you reach them.

Employee, Community, Governmental/Legislative Relations

Audiences. Regardless of a company’s scope of operations, we all have them, and you probably see them in the favorable light of opportunity and potential.

However, not all of us know how our audiences see us.

How do your employees perceive upper management? How would you assess company morale? Do the communities where you conduct business view you as a partner or an obstacle to their goals? Does the mention of your organization often have a negative connotation? How would you characterize your company’s relationships with elected officials? What are you doing to cultivate positive connections?

These are all essential questions in the journey to evaluate and influence audiences. We’ll partner with you to develop a comprehensive communications strategy that addresses these questions, leading to an outcome that directly impacts your company’s bottom line.

Media Relations

You care what people think about your organization, and their perception is shaped by what they hear, see or read about you in the media. That’s why knowing how to relate to media is key.

Many on our team have worked in the newsroom, so we know how to get journalists’ attention and engineer positive discussions. Our media relationships are vast and personal, ranging from local and regional sources to national platforms.

We put our industry experience to work for you by crafting compelling narratives, preparing engaging story pitches, and building relationships with the right outlets and reporters.

Media Training

Every reporter who asks for an interview has a specific goal in mind and material they’re after. You also have a story you need and want to tell.

Regardless of whether you’re preparing for an interview in the newsroom, in the office or on the street, we provide training that details the skills and tactics needed to build positive relationships with media, turning connection points with the press into company accomplishments.

Media Statements

When dealing with the media, you have zero control over what a reporter might ask. How you respond is entirely up to you.

Our media experts consult with you to thoroughly analyze subject matter, identify all possible inquiries and prepare related responses. Remember, you can steer a conversation, but only if you plan and deliver your message well.

Crisis Planning and Response, 24/7 Availability

A workplace fatality. Suicide. Sexual harassment. A fire at the plant on Christmas day. We have guided our client partners in navigating these trying circumstances, and more.

Our experience in developing customized crisis management plans enables organizations to survive — and thrive — following a challenging experience. Having a go-to blueprint that outlines a course of action when adversity strikes will give you increased confidence, and, more importantly, reduce the likelihood of critical missteps.

Because no written plan can foresee every possible event, CI staff are also available around-the-clock to provide guidance during times of crisis response.

News Conference Planning and Execution

From setting the date and location to lining up the agenda and determining who says what, CI is synonymous with “turnkey news conference.” Each level of detail is meticulously planned, as our team organizes and manages events that deliver, all while aligning with the look and feel of your organization.

Our portfolio includes media events announcing new business and industry, company expansions, product launches, groundbreakings, charitable causes and more.

News Releases, Features, Columns, Story Pitches

Every company has a story. Not every company can tell that story well.

What’s your story? Is it newsworthy? Is it better suited for print or television — or both? Which method of delivery and media platforms will be most effective in reaching your target audiences? When is the best time to share it with media?

We’ll help you answer these questions, working with you to craft compelling narratives that capture attention, imagination and hearts.

Internal and External Campaigns

Employees versus customers.

Which audience is most important to you? If you said both, you understand that these groups are intertwined, and one cannot succeed without the support of the other. You also know that the way you engage these audiences and measure the outcomes for each group is vastly different.

Whether you’re speaking to internal or external audiences, our team works to fully understand the needs of the groups you need to reach. We’ll help you craft customized messaging and convey it along channels that align with your desired outcomes.


We know how to write for media. We also turn heads with creative, easy-to-read content for other mediums, including social media, newsletters, annual reports, brochures, websites and video scripts. When you need customized messaging that resonates with your audience, we’re here with the words you need.

Executive Speechwriting

The time and attention of personnel in the C-suite are constantly in demand, leaving little room in the schedule for the development of talking points or speeches. Many clients turn to our experienced team to prepare these materials for events ranging from news conferences and ribbon-cuttings to community celebrations.

Regardless of the industry or setting, we’ll streamline and craft your messaging, making sure you say the right things, to the right people, at the right time. 

Special Event Planning and Coordination

From managing events for a dozen to navigating crowds of 150,000, we know how to guide and serve guests at events. Whether you are looking for team members to serve as an extension of your staff or an all-hands-on-deck turnkey experience, we help plan and coordinate your news conferences, board of directors’ meetings, special events and other important occasions.

Social Media Management

There are dozens of social media platforms you can use to push out messaging. Do you know which ones will reward your creativity and attention — and which ones will do nothing but drain company resources?

If you are planning to venture into the social media universe or seeking to improve your existing content, it’s essential to understand the many factors at play. Do you know:

  • Which audiences gravitate to each platform?
  • How often and when to post content?
  • The proper balance between text, images and video?
  • Are you seeing your circle of influence grow?
  • When do you engage with negative content, and when should you rise above the fray?

Rely on our social media experts to eliminate the guesswork and provide turnkey management of the platforms that best connect you with your audiences.

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