Corporate Branding, Identity Development

Your look is about more than your logo. And your brand is more than your name.

Corporate branding is a wide-ranging set of associations the public makes with your company.  While it often starts with a logo, branding comes to life in product packaging, location and frequency of advertising, your style of customer service, the way you train employees, and the quality of your products and services — just to name a few. Simply put, any means by which consumers come into contact with a specific brand constitutes a touchpoint that can affect perceptions of the brand.

Effective, consistent branding helps you stand out from your competitors, adds value to your offer and engages with customers. However, brand development is not a one-time event; instead, in order to positively impact perception, branding must continually speak from a number of sources and platforms. You see it — lots of it — from numerous brands each day. That’s why, more than ever before, effective branding is critical to a company’s success.

At The Corporate Image, we specialize in helping organizations generate and enhance their corporate brand and identity. Our in-house marketing team offers a fully integrated approach to brand development and promotion. We focus on your company’s distinctive offerings and create individualized strategies that help you communicate in the best voice, at the best times, through high-profile channels.