Crisis Communications in Charlotte, North Carolina: Your Reputation is Our Priority

What people think depends on what they hear, see or read. This becomes even more important when your company faces a crisis. 

Whether it’s a fatality in the workplace, a fire inside your plant, sexual harassment allegations, product recalls or an outbreak at your healthcare facility — your response will determine how your business is perceived going forward.

The public relations professionals at Corporate Image know how to guide you through the storm. We’ll ensure your organization survives — and thrives — in the competitive landscape of greater Charlotte, Gastonia, Concord and Rock Hill. 

How We Manage Crisis in the Queen City

  1. Strategic Planning: Our team begins by performing an analysis of potential crisis scenarios specific to your industry. We then build your custom plan tailored to your needs and explain each step to your team, giving you confidence in your readiness to react.
  2. Rapid Response: When a crisis occurs, time is of the essence. You will need to respond quickly to media, your stakeholders and the community. Your response must be accurate, empathetic and alleviate concerns.
  3. Media Relations: With a staff consisting of former journalists, the Corporate Image team excels in managing media inquiries, interviews, press conferences and news releases. Our experts will help you leverage the third-party credibility of the media to ensure your message is heard and your reputation is protected.  
  4. Stakeholder Engagement: We assist you in developing communication strategies that address the concerns of employees, shareholders, customers and the public, all while fostering transparency and maintaining trust. 

Because no written plan can foresee every possible event, Corporate Image staff are also available around the clock to guide you during times of crisis response.

The Power of Proactive Crisis Management in Mecklenburg County and Beyond

Having a crisis communications plan before a crisis occurs is the first step in protecting your reputation. Get in touch today and learn how Corporate Image can provide a customized, comprehensive crisis plan that helps. 

You and your team respond quickly and effectively, minimizing potential damage to your bottom line in the greater Charlotte area.

In addition to offering comprehensive crisis preparedness training, we provide ongoing consultation to identify vulnerabilities, strengthen your company’s resilience and reduce the chances of critical missteps. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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