King University Launches New Program for Special Education Teachers

May 24, 2021 | King University

Coursework provides additional options for undergraduates, graduate students and educators

BRISTOL, Tenn., May 24, 2021 — King University is launching a new K-8 Special Education Work Interventionist Program designed to provide elementary education students and graduates, along with existing K-5 teachers, with the knowledge necessary for meeting the needs of specialized learners.

The program, which is now enrolling for the fall semester 2021, is available for both traditional elementary education undergraduates who are seeking dual licensing in Elementary Education (K-5) and Special Education (K-8), as well as graduate students who wish to earn a master’s degree in Elementary Education (K-5) and Special Education (K-8). The program is also available to existing K-5 teachers who wish to add a special education endorsement to their teaching license.

The coursework may be completed in one year, and is offered via a hybrid program of online and face-to-face classes, along with student teaching and field experiences. Candidates for the endorsement will learn to assess students and write individualized education plans (IEP’s), design accommodations and modifications for learning, create early transition plans, understand how to write effective learning goals, and build a repertoire of successful teaching and learning strategies for student success. 

“All students are exceptional and learn in individual ways,” said Angie Baker, Ph.D., special education coordinator and assistant professor in the School of Education. “Because most exceptional students with IEP’s are included in the general education classroom, teachers will enter those classrooms with an understanding of how both typical and atypical students develop and learn. They will be equipped to plan and implement meaningful educational experiences so that all students can achieve success.”

Students pursuing an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education (K-5) with a Special Education Interventionist minor (K-8) will take the special education courses along with their regular coursework. Student teaching will include both special education and elementary placements. Special Education Interventionist K-8 may serve as an additional endorsement for a licensed teacher (K-5, K-6, or K-8) through the post-baccalaureate program.

“Every classroom is filled with unique learners, and the need for teachers who understand the diverse learning needs of all students is more essential than ever,” Baker said. “The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) supports placing students in their least-restrictive environment, which tends to be a general education classroom. With this special education endorsement, we are equipping our teachers to understand and meet the needs of every learner in their classrooms, whether they’re a general or a special education student.”

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